Private Aids to Navigation (PATON) are an important aspect of risk management for private entities whose operations involve navigable waterways.

Private Aids to Navigation (PATON) are placed on shore or marine sites in order to assist mariners in safe navigation, marking limits of navigable channels or to warn of dangers or obstructions to navigation.

They can be shoreside beacons or day marks, simple “No Wake Zone” buoys or large lighted buoys, all requiring US Coast Guard approval and inspection.


We have worked with port authorities, local municipalities, yacht clubs and private residences to provide proper (aids to navigation) marking of channels, docks, approaches, no wake areas, and obstructions.

We have over 20 years of experience in working with the US Coast Guard and the PATON Program.

Our PATON services include:

PATON sales
Repair and refurbishment
Annual inspection, maintenance and compliance services

Solar powered lighting, incandescent and USCG approved LED systems
Fabrication and installation of specialty buoys
Design and installation of anchoring and mooring systems
Fabrication and installation of mooring buoys
24 hour emergency services